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Son of Mandor
Psyche: 60
Strength: 5
Endurance: 5
Warfare: 30

Logrus Mastery: 45
Gumby Shapeshift: 15

Boldar: 5
     personal shadow: 1
     control of shadow’s destiny: 4

lyre, poison, anti shapeshifting drug, roses.

Quarterstaff: Blades that slide from each end, when a catch is pressed the staff is
able to snap in half. Another catch lets it slide into a fifth of its normal size and is
opened by hard wrist flicks.

    Sanchiro is 6 feet 2 inches and around 185 pounds. He has shoulder length black hair with some red streaks through it and is parted in the middle. His black eyes are set in a slight, handsome face. His figure is slight with delicate features. His colours are red and black and his symbol is that of a blood red rose.
    He wears a black doublet with a large blood red rose on his black and embroidered roses running up the sleeves off a continuous branch of green that continues around the neck. Sanchiro wears a black cape with a bleeding red rose on the back, clasped with a red rose.
    He’s seen to carry a black lyre with red roses, on green branches, wrapped around it. In his red belt is a dagger with a 12.5 inch long blade, for throwing usually. And hanging at his belt like a night stick is his fifth size quarterstaff.
    Sanchiro is one with unlimited patience, sometimes in a very unnerving manner, an almost constant smile playing at his lips and someone who values life above all else. Close behind is someone keeping their pride and supposed infallibility intact, even if this requires an apology for something he hasn’t done, or it means he has to perform an action that is undesirable or tactically incorrect. But don’t get him wrong, he trusts almost no-one and when pushed his temper is almost lethal.
    Sanchiro holds the deepest respect and love for Mandor, Merlin and Dara and loves his lady, Melina, and his two homes, the Courts of Chaos and Shadow Boldar.

    Sanchiro was born 117 years before the end of the Patternfall War to Mandor, house Sawall. He was brought up in Chaos by Mandor and from him learned of the Logrus, shapeshifting, poison, subterfuge, espionage, assasination, trumps, warfare and of the Ways (and ways) of Chaos.
    Knowing he was cut off from the throne of Chaos he helped his father set it up for the right man and learnt from his father along the way. As a gift his father gave him a shadow made of his very desire. There he learnt that shadows magic and extreme technology as well as medicine, philosophy, psychology, engineering,
literature and music. He learnt to play the lyre and piano with exceptional skill and emotion and composed a number of pieces for every taste and became a remarkable hit in the Courts with popular music.
    He is remarkably popular but has few friends. Sanchiro’s one real, trustable friend is his girlfriend ‘Melina’ of house Minabee who he’s been in love with, and she him for many years. It’s commonly accepted that she and he will be married though nothing definite and formal has been announced yet.
    Because of his excellent diplomatic skills he has been asked by his cousin the King on many occasions to go on diplomatic , and some not so diplomatic, missions to Amber and so has become reasonably friendly with Ciladris Heir to the Throne in Amber and has received him as a guest in the courts a couple of times as well.

Demon Form
    Sanchiro’s demon form is humanoid and heavily armoured and covered in spurs and spikes, along with sheathable claws on hands and feet. All are covered during battle by a toxic fast acting poison. His tail is long and whiplike with a poisonous tip. His wings are littered with sharp points for the same destructive purpose. His head is earless with slanting eyes, no visible ears and razor teeth. The antidote for this poison is his blood and his body is coloured brown, greens that change to fit into the environment.

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